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Mission Statement

Atheists for Peace has several goals:
  • To take an objective view of history, with an emphasis on American history, in relation to religion and conflict, both separately, and how they relate to each other.
  • To promote activism in efforts to promote awareness about religion, atheism, economics, war, history, and just about any other subject that relates to the understanding of the human condition and how we can promote a peaceful and fulfilling existence on earth for present and future generations.
  • To provide a voice for individuals to share their activist efforts as they relate to the goals of Atheists for Peace.
  • To document, illuminate, and discuss policy, actions, and social phenomena that are counterproductive to the goal of global social peace.
  • To examine what "peace" really is and if and how it can truly be achieved.

There are many factors that contribute to conflict among people around the world.  The primary objective of Atheists for Peace is to remain honest and objective at all times.  It is impossible to place blame for the problems of the world on any one factor, or even any small collection of factors.  The purpose of Atheist for Peace is not to vilify  any given factor, or to unfairly represent factors in an effort to promote an agenda, but to provide and outlet for truth supported by facts.

Atheists for Peace acknowledges that there are no gods, and that all religions are institutions of human origin inspired solely by people.  This web site does not focus on atheism or exploration of the validity of religious claims.  In relation to religion this web site primarily focuses on the effects of religion and lack thereof.

Atheists for Peace is currently under construction, both as a web site and as a  future organization.