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Great web site to find a variety of facts about many different religions.

Excellent web site that is updated regularly with news.  It also houses some very important and interesting historical information relating to religious issues, as well as an excellent section on Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The official web site of American Atheists, the most active atheist organization in the United States, and the hosts of the Godless Americans march on Washington DC on November 2nd, 2002.

Web site devoted to the Godless Americans march on Washington DC.

Greenpeace is a world famous activist group that champions a variety of causes related to social peace as well as environmental issues and issues of humane treatment of people and animals.  Atheists for Peace does not fully endorse Greenpeace and all of their initiatives.

The Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting web site.  FAIR tracks media reports and checks them for errors and bias.  FAIR is action oriented and requires the support of citizens to assist in the task of monitoring the media.

The web site for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  You will notice that the AFP logo resembles the CDN logo.  The AFP logo is an altered design of the CDN logo.  The CDN is an action oriented group based in the United Kingdom that promotes the disarmament of nuclear weapons.

The Bible Gateway is an excellent resource for looking up passages of the Bible quickly and easily.

The Library of Economics and Liberty is a resource for information on economics, both historical and present.

This library is the most complete on-line source for documents written by William E. Dodd, the US Ambassador to Germany prior to World War II.  The information contained in his writings is extremely important in understanding the relationships between the US and Nazi Germany, as well as conditions in Germany leading up to the war. Dodd also provides valuable insight into early American history and the establishment of power structures that gave rise to families of wealth in pre-Civil War America. This site is highly recommended for any avid historian.

Web site that documents the history of the peace sign.

Home of the "Grandfather Economic Report" this site does detail American debt and economic issues in detail with many references.  Atheists for Peace does not support all of the conclusions drawn from the data by Michael Hodges, but does congratulate him and this site for the service that they provide in the display and analysis of this important economic data.

The "Big Issues Ground" presented by Thomas Ash covers a wide variety of important topics, including religion, politics, economics and more.  The site does a good job at presenting a variety of views on these topics.

This site covers the darker side of American policy.  The site documents the history of military action by the US government, and covers a variety of misconceptions about American history.

This is an excellent site that deals strictly with the evaluation of propaganda, and houses a historical library of propaganda as well as evaluations of propaganda in the present day.

This is an image gallery, perhaps the most complete image gallery on the internet, of mushroom clouds.  The site documents nuclear tests done by governments around the world.

The Consortium News is a liberal new outlet that critiques modern conservative media and policy.

The Green Party supported Ralph Nadar in the 2002 Presidential campaign.  They are a grass roots based  political party who describes themselves as: "We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who've had enough of corporate-dominated politics"

Open Secrets tracks campaign finance information for all political candidates, as well as covering many other economic and political issues.  The web site is very detailed, well documented, and has excellent content.

The Henry L. Stimson Center is a well developed non-profit organization devoted to promoting world peace and is active in nonproliferation of Chemical and Biological weapons campaigns.

The Federation of American Scientists is an organization of American scientists that deals largely in  in arms control and monitoring issues.

Move On is a politically active grassroots organization that opposes corporatism and big money politics.

A great resource of historical information about atheists, agnostics, freethingkers and information about the American Founding Fathers.

A group that is tryign to put together an international weapons inspection team to inspect teh United States for weapons of mass destruction.